4-H’s Club 1913 is an online hub for 4-H alumni who are interested in re-connecting and networking with other alumni, and finding unique opportunities at the local and national level, while celebrating their pride in being part of the 4-H Canada community.

Being a member of 4-H’s Club 1913 also represents an opportunity for 4-H alumni to help grow future generations of leaders, by volunteering, becoming mentors and engaging in knowledge and skills transfer opportunities with 4-H youth.

How to re-connect

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  • Share your story – how did 4-H shape you? We would love to see stories pouring in from 4-H alumni across Canada as we celebrate this online community (make sure you tag make sure you tag friends from your 4-H days).
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We can’t wait to share updates, provide opportunities and celebrate getting back to your roots! Make sure you keep sharing your story, and the positive impact of 4-H in Canada, by using #4HClub1913 on Twitter and Instagram, and by spreading the word on Facebook.

Celebrate 4-H Alumni